Thursday, July 8, 2010

Raising Rabbits for Consumption

I know this post is going to get a lot of negative responses... but I wondered how many of you have considered raising rabbits for consumption?

I have raised rabbits in the past for meat, and plan on doing it again. I eat meat. I am not a vegetarian. My dogs aren't vegetarians. Just because the meat at the market is neatly wrapped in plastic and doesn't *look* like an animal.. it was. Just because dog food comes in neat little kibbles doesn't mean it isn't made from animals. It was alive, it had feelings... and since it probably came from a commercial "farm" it probably had a less than happy life. (Not to mention all of the antibiotics they have to feed "feed lot" animals to keep them alive in those crowded and unnatural conditions!)

When I raised my rabbits I made sure that they had a nice home, treats, "free range" play time in a grassy fenced area and wanted for nothing. I researched the most humane methods to kill them and tried to make it as quick and painless as possible. I made sure to use every part that I could (meat, pelt, etc).

I felt sad when "the time came" but I reasoned that they had lived a happy, comfortable life AND that by eating these properly raised animals I wasn't supporting the "factories" that produce most of the meat in this country. No to mention that rabbit meat is MUCH healthier than beef (especially when the beef is full of antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals)

For me to have a nice stew somewhere SOMEONE had to die. I much preferred that it be an animal that was happy and healthy than give my money to some organization that profited from suffering animals.

Please don't say "be a vegetarian" or "it is awful" without really thinking about and reading my reasons. I know it isn't politically correct or popular to kill and eat your own animals... but for the "greater good" I think it makes sense. What are your feelings on this subject?
Hey Honey!  This roast had a mother too!



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