Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrity Dopplegangers Sighted!!


I saw Adam Lambert singing on VH1 and thought Kelly Osbourne had a bad cold... 

I never knew Ron Jeremy had THAT talent!
That is all

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elle Macpherson - I hope you get wrinkles and liver spots!

I never really thought about Elle.  She was just a face I knew.  She's pretty, she's successful... Now I hope her face falls off.

During a Twitter based interview conducted by the New York Times Elle admitted that she has took powdered RHINO HORN in her beauty regime.  When asked why she said "Put it this way, it works for me"

UM WHAT?????  You have no problem using a substance that is responsible from almost wiping a species off the face of the earth...  how can you be so blase????  ARGH!!  This is after she has shown her hatred of killing endangered species (ie: boycotting a London restaurant that served Blue Fin Tuna). What a hypocrite!

Now, after getting a LOT of bad press, she has said that she was kidding.  Um "It works for me"... That doesn't sound like a joke... Who would joke about that anyway?  I think she's backpedaling VERY fast trying to save face after slipping up and mentioning that she's been eating endangered animals.

FAIL Elle, Major fail.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Invasive Species in Florida

I just watched a very scary show on Animal Planet. It was about giant snakes. No, I'm not afraid of snakes (I actually used to raise a few different species of snakes and other reptiles)... But this was a show about WILD Burmese Pythons and African Pythons (I think they were Rock Pythons)in FLORIDA! They had been released in the Everglades, probably by their owners who couldn't deal with them at their adult size (Females get over 20ft long!)

What was really scary was that they are BREEDING in the wild and are learning to adapt to cooler temperatures - which means that they might be able to move as far north as Washington DC! The two species are even cross breeding! This could result in a hybrid that is stronger than either parent breed!

This post is related to a previous post of mine about dumping cats and dogs (which is horrible)... but somehow this is WORSE! They are introducing an "Apex" predator into an environment where they can survive, and thrive... wiping out the local, and often times endangered, wildlife! The larger animals have even been known to eat alligators and HUMANS. (Like Florida needs another man-eating reptile).

What are your feelings on this subject? Should private citizens be prohibited from owning exotic species in tropical areas? Does this infringe on our rights, or is it just the responsible thing to do (especially in a case like this where obviously the owners sense of responsibility was lacking)
Whaddaya think? Is your house in the "Yes" or "Maybe" zone? :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Raising Rabbits for Consumption

I know this post is going to get a lot of negative responses... but I wondered how many of you have considered raising rabbits for consumption?

I have raised rabbits in the past for meat, and plan on doing it again. I eat meat. I am not a vegetarian. My dogs aren't vegetarians. Just because the meat at the market is neatly wrapped in plastic and doesn't *look* like an animal.. it was. Just because dog food comes in neat little kibbles doesn't mean it isn't made from animals. It was alive, it had feelings... and since it probably came from a commercial "farm" it probably had a less than happy life. (Not to mention all of the antibiotics they have to feed "feed lot" animals to keep them alive in those crowded and unnatural conditions!)

When I raised my rabbits I made sure that they had a nice home, treats, "free range" play time in a grassy fenced area and wanted for nothing. I researched the most humane methods to kill them and tried to make it as quick and painless as possible. I made sure to use every part that I could (meat, pelt, etc).

I felt sad when "the time came" but I reasoned that they had lived a happy, comfortable life AND that by eating these properly raised animals I wasn't supporting the "factories" that produce most of the meat in this country. No to mention that rabbit meat is MUCH healthier than beef (especially when the beef is full of antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals)

For me to have a nice stew somewhere SOMEONE had to die. I much preferred that it be an animal that was happy and healthy than give my money to some organization that profited from suffering animals.

Please don't say "be a vegetarian" or "it is awful" without really thinking about and reading my reasons. I know it isn't politically correct or popular to kill and eat your own animals... but for the "greater good" I think it makes sense. What are your feelings on this subject?
Hey Honey!  This roast had a mother too!



Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I had a Motorola DROID... I sold it

When I first heard about the new Droid I was SO excited!!! I read everything I could find about it.  I have the "new every two" plan from Verizon but they sent me a coupon for early trade in! YES! So, I ran right out and got my Droid.

After the first week, when I was bedazzled by all the neat "apps", interactive menus and gadgets I discovered that I was REALLY frustrated! This was not a phone, it was a microscopic underpowered computer in a cell phone costume. The lag on this thing was MIND MELTING. The camera was SO slow to boot that you better hope you were trying to photograph a landscape and not some fast moving object... like a snail. Want to actually use it as a phone? Lets hope you bought the optional protective case so the phone wouldn't shatter when you threw it at the wall. Smart-phone my a$$!

I was paying $30 extra a month for a fancy, slow, solitaire machine. I decided to trade it in for a "normal" phone. Much to my dismay, by the time I figured out that I hated this phone I had just missed the end of the "trial period". They wouldn't let me return it. I would have to buy a phone from them at FULL PRICE if I wanted to ditch the Droid. ARGH! Caught in the leg hold trap of the fine print. DAMMIT!

Thankfully there was a local store that bought used phones. They gave me a "reasonable" price for my Droid (still $70 less than I paid for it) so I could afford a second hand turn in from Verizon's secret used phone list.

I finally had what I was looking for in the first place. A NORMAL cell phone with a qwerty keyboard that didn't have a GINOURMOUS cell plan attached to it.

That is my rant. Have you you owned a Droid? What did you think?


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are Yearly Vaccines for your Pet Necessary?

I have been a pet owner for most of my life. I went to college for animal science, was a vet tech for a while and had many other animal related jobs. I have always kept my pets up-to-date on any vaccinations that my vets have recommended.

BUT I have read a lot of recent articles regarding the over vaccination of our pets. It can really stress out their systems. A lot of "rebel" veterinarians are now saying that once a pet has completed their first series of vaccinations (after they are 16 weeks old) they are "covered" for 10 years or more, and to vaccinate them every year can actually shorted their life span and negatively effect their health.

Other than the rabies vaccine (which is required by law) what are your feelings on minimal adult vaccinations for your pets?