Friday, July 16, 2010

Celebrity Dopplegangers Sighted!!


I saw Adam Lambert singing on VH1 and thought Kelly Osbourne had a bad cold... 

I never knew Ron Jeremy had THAT talent!
That is all

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Elle Macpherson - I hope you get wrinkles and liver spots!

I never really thought about Elle.  She was just a face I knew.  She's pretty, she's successful... Now I hope her face falls off.

During a Twitter based interview conducted by the New York Times Elle admitted that she has took powdered RHINO HORN in her beauty regime.  When asked why she said "Put it this way, it works for me"

UM WHAT?????  You have no problem using a substance that is responsible from almost wiping a species off the face of the earth...  how can you be so blase????  ARGH!!  This is after she has shown her hatred of killing endangered species (ie: boycotting a London restaurant that served Blue Fin Tuna). What a hypocrite!

Now, after getting a LOT of bad press, she has said that she was kidding.  Um "It works for me"... That doesn't sound like a joke... Who would joke about that anyway?  I think she's backpedaling VERY fast trying to save face after slipping up and mentioning that she's been eating endangered animals.

FAIL Elle, Major fail.