Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I had a Motorola DROID... I sold it

When I first heard about the new Droid I was SO excited!!! I read everything I could find about it.  I have the "new every two" plan from Verizon but they sent me a coupon for early trade in! YES! So, I ran right out and got my Droid.

After the first week, when I was bedazzled by all the neat "apps", interactive menus and gadgets I discovered that I was REALLY frustrated! This was not a phone, it was a microscopic underpowered computer in a cell phone costume. The lag on this thing was MIND MELTING. The camera was SO slow to boot that you better hope you were trying to photograph a landscape and not some fast moving object... like a snail. Want to actually use it as a phone? Lets hope you bought the optional protective case so the phone wouldn't shatter when you threw it at the wall. Smart-phone my a$$!

I was paying $30 extra a month for a fancy, slow, solitaire machine. I decided to trade it in for a "normal" phone. Much to my dismay, by the time I figured out that I hated this phone I had just missed the end of the "trial period". They wouldn't let me return it. I would have to buy a phone from them at FULL PRICE if I wanted to ditch the Droid. ARGH! Caught in the leg hold trap of the fine print. DAMMIT!

Thankfully there was a local store that bought used phones. They gave me a "reasonable" price for my Droid (still $70 less than I paid for it) so I could afford a second hand turn in from Verizon's secret used phone list.

I finally had what I was looking for in the first place. A NORMAL cell phone with a qwerty keyboard that didn't have a GINOURMOUS cell plan attached to it.

That is my rant. Have you you owned a Droid? What did you think?


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