Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are Yearly Vaccines for your Pet Necessary?

I have been a pet owner for most of my life. I went to college for animal science, was a vet tech for a while and had many other animal related jobs. I have always kept my pets up-to-date on any vaccinations that my vets have recommended.

BUT I have read a lot of recent articles regarding the over vaccination of our pets. It can really stress out their systems. A lot of "rebel" veterinarians are now saying that once a pet has completed their first series of vaccinations (after they are 16 weeks old) they are "covered" for 10 years or more, and to vaccinate them every year can actually shorted their life span and negatively effect their health.

Other than the rabies vaccine (which is required by law) what are your feelings on minimal adult vaccinations for your pets?

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